Software that really changes school administration

With full automation of the timetable construction, INDEX EDUCATION has greatly changed the working conditions for an entire profession.
More than 10,400 institutions use EDT to construct their schedules.
It is by staying in close contact with our users that the company remains aware of their concerns, consequently helping us to provide the necessary tools for all our users.

Index Education delivers complete solutions that guarantee its users a total autonomy during every stage of deployment of the institution's information system.
  • 1985 : EDT was created
  • 1992 : The company had 5 employees
  • 2010 : INDEX EDUCATION provides data hosting
  • 2020 : More than 110 people devote themselves entirely to the design, publication and distribution of educational management software.
The company is located in Technopole Chateau Gombert in Marseille, France.

Our Values

  • Facilitate the work of all the school's employees
  • Provide powerful and functional tools
  • Produce on-going technological developments
  • Adapt to the user needs