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The timetabling software

EDT is an automatic timetabling software for Middle Schools and High Schools.
Offering a wide range of essential features, EDT provides the perfect solution to surmount scheduling complexity. Optimal timetabling results that are not only a gain of time but make everyday academic life easier for all.

Constraint Assessment

EDT notifies you of all the possible input incoherencies which make the construction of the timetable impossible.

Automatic Placement of Courses

EDT is capable of producing a new version of a timetable in a few seconds with an unequaled success rate.

Timetable Solver and Optimization

Automatically place all of your courses with the EDT optimization tool, based on algorithms specifically designed for time management.

Fast and efficient

Generate a new timetable proposal in a few seconds.

Matchless optimization

Timetables optimized to perfection for the teachers and students.

The most cost effective solution

Avoid costly mistakes, save time and money!

Easy to use

A friendly and intuitive program.

123 countries

10 000 educational institutions in Europe

30 years of experience